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Thank you to all of the organizations and volunteers. We are finished packing until October 2022.

For this year, we will be hosting groups and organizations. Please sign up with our volunteer form. We have listed suggested dates each month to help us better schedule and organize the supplies. If none of these dates work for your group, please call the board member listed on the Volunteer Form to schedule a date. While we will not be holding our regular monthly packs, you may still volunteer as an individual if you are willing to help out with groups that are shorthanded. Some one from Mercy Meals will contact you about date and time.

Mercy Meals of Southwest Nebraska is looking for new board members, and volunteers willing to help with moving boxes and supplies to set up and finish a pack. If you are willing to serve in either position, please contact a board member.

You may check our shared Calendar of events to avoid double booking your group.


Mercy Meals of Southwest Nebraska is located in Wauneta, Nebraska. This organization is sustained 100% by volunteers from nearby communities. Organizations and groups come from Colorado, Kansas and across the state of Nebraska to help package meals.

The children of the world are in need of help. Now YOU can make a difference in the lives of these children.

Ways to help:

    • Volunteer to pack food (Fill out our volunteer form.)

    • Volunteer to organize a packing event (Talk to organizations and groups)

    • Make a donation -- just $44 will feed a child for a year!

    • Become a corporate sponsor

    • Visit and like us on Facebook

For more information, contact:

Pastor Keith Wellman: 308-394-5562

Mary Haarberg: 308-883-6761

Laurie Kerchal: 308-350-0975

Ways to donate:

1. Mail check to::

Mercy Meals of Southwest Nebraska

P.O. Box 474

Wauneta, NE 69045

2. If you are a Thrivent Financial member, you may now direct your Choice Dollars to Mercy Meals of Southwest Nebraska.

3. You may also sign up for Amazon Smile and designate the .5% of qualifying purchases to MMofSWNE.

4. Through Paypal (If you don't have Paypal account, you may pay with credit card.)

Mercy Meals of Southwest Nebraska is affiliated with Mercy Meals of Nebraska and Orphan Grain Train.