Our Organization

Mercy Meals of Southwest Nebraska is a non-profit organization that encourages volunteers to package nourishing food that is then delivered by Orphan Grain Train to children in need throughout the world.

We are 100% volunteer!

The packaging facility is located at: 112 South Tecumseh Avenue, Wauneta, NE 69045.

Through this program we hope to instill in our children a sense of self-empowerment, civic duty, world awareness, kindness toward our fellow men and women and appreciation for the blessings in our daily lives. We want them to know that they CAN make a difference in other people's lives by being informed, by making good choices in their lives, by giving their time and by donating their talents.

Dedication of the Mercy Meals Facility took place September 16, 2012. Attendees packaged 3600 meals before the ceremony.

Board Members:
Pastor Keith Wellman -  President                             
Annette Long - Secretary
Mary Haarberg - Treasurer
Laurie Kerchal 
Kent and Elaine Haarberg 
Janet Keiser
Harold Nordhausen
Jan Coone
Pastor David McCarthy
Page Johnston